Here’s To Andy


I’m back and ready to write. I apologize for it taking several days, but I have only just reached a place where I can talk about Andy. As opposed to crumbling into a pile of tears at just the mere thought of him. In quick summation Andy has been out of work for about 2 months now and came up lame just under 3 weeks ago. After investigation at the veterinary clinic we discovered that my boy is suffering with both Navicular and Kissing Spines. Both of these are degenerative conditions affecting the bones and tendons in the body and will progressively worsen over time. Navicular affects the bones and joints within the horses hoof- I’m not about to get technical and to be honest I don’t completely understand myself! Kissing Spines is pretty self explanatory- it’s where the spinal processes begin to touch, bone on bone is always very painful. Over time the process will begin to fuse together and greatly restrict the horses movement and flexibility.

Right, with that out of the way- back to Andy. Obviously, this has all been entirely devastating and heartbreaking for myself and my family. I’ve been bitter and I’m not proud of the feelings I’ve had. I have been resentful towards my friends and their horses, after all why should this happen to me. My horses are my world and I devote my life to them, give them every extra I can and do everything within my power to keep them as happy and healthy as I can be. So why should I be the one punished, why not the people I know who don’t do half the things I do for my horses for theirs.?

This a horrible and negative way to be but I was sad, hurt and angry- I felt like I was being punished and that I nor Andy deserved this. But… After a couple days to come round to everything, I understand. I’m not being punished, I haven’t done anything “wrong”. I also know why it’s me; because I can do this, I will make the right decisions and and together Andy and I will come through this. Andy Pandy is my best friend and truly a once in a lifetime horse. Despite the discomfort he’s been in he has dealt with it in silence and rewarded me with the best rides of my life over the last four years. Is it not only fair that I return the favor.?

I have decided to treat Andy for both his conditions, I can’t imagine being without this amazing horse. It’s going to be a long road and I’m sure more tears will soon be on the way. But I believe there is something very special waiting for Andy and I at the end of this. I will continue posting our progress, the ups and downs, Andy’s treatments and hopefully have a “happily ever after” to share at the end.

Here’s to Andromeda, the best friend I could ask for. You’re worth it my boy…


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